Laughter – Part II

Laughter has certainly buoyed me through a lot of difficult days. Sometimes life is hard and situations aren’t funny in the moment but being able to laugh about them later is what kept me from sinking into despair. This is particularly true when I recall the turbulent years of raising my son with autism –Continue reading “Laughter – Part II”


There is nothing quite as sweet as the sound of a baby laughing.  The joyfulness of it bubbles out and all around.  The delight is infectious. Is there anyone who can resist smiling in response – even when the baby is a complete stranger?  And everyone has heard the adage “laughter is the best medicine”Continue reading “Laughter”


Once upon a time I wanted to be a nun – the whole bit – wearing a habit, carrying a rosary, and living in a convent. The “Song of Bernadette” was my favorite movie – the story of a young girl who had a vision of the Blessed Virgin, went to live in a convent,Continue reading “Silence”

Christmas Trees

The first Christmas trees I knew were cedar and chopped down in the woods near our house. When I was five Mama and I made paper chains to circle our tree and she cut stars out of cardboard that we covered with aluminum foil. I didn’t know it was because she couldn’t afford to buyContinue reading “Christmas Trees”


Hunter’s Dime Store in Wendell (North Carolina) was my favorite shopping place when I was a child.  The store was small with two aisles that was really just a long rectangle, which ran down one side, along the back, and then back to the front.  Items were random and there were so many they defiedContinue reading “Perfume”


I was newly arrived at college and having survived a broken heart (well, mostly), a fall from grace, and a life derailment I was eager to move forward in the world. The idea of “a fresh start” fueled my days and my interactions. I imagined being the most perfect version of myself.  My front wasContinue reading “Garland”


Trying to describe heartbreak is nearly impossible. It is invisible and yet it is a physical pain that can be felt as palpably as a broken arm – only its right there in the center of your chest – an ache that cannot be healed.  The poet Edna St. Vincent Millay once soulfully mourned, “timeContinue reading “Heartbreak”


I was ten years old and supposed to be in some sort of program at church that Mama was in charge of because she was the leader of the Baptist Women’s Circle.  But I was sick – sick as a dog. So nauseated I could hardly hold my head up, my mouth full of thatContinue reading “Appendage”


I love rain – everything about it. The way it looks and feels and smells. I love it in every season of the year.  The sweet spring rains that nourish soil and seeds. Refreshing summer rains that deliver us from the heat and parched earth. Crisp autumn rains that soak fallen leaves and smells likeContinue reading “Rain”


The first time I saw George Pappas it was a bitterly cold winter day. He was wearing a plaid woolen scarf thrown carelessly around his neck and an elegant black wool coat with his hands casually tucked into the pockets. He did not appear to take heed of the cold but rather seemed to beContinue reading “George”