I have been thinking about gravity a lot recently.  Not in the way that a scientist would think about such a thing – just as an ordinary person who is affected by this phenomenon. I remember when I first heard about gravity.  I was a very little girl who asked a lot of questions everyContinue reading “Gravity”

The Clothesline Incident

One summer some years ago my parents lived in a duplex apartment a few doors down from my family.  Out of town relatives came to visit the both of us for the weekend.  The number of visitors overflowed our guest accommodations so my daddy set up their Cox Camper in our side yard to makeContinue reading “The Clothesline Incident”

Freedom of Choice

In 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school segregation was unconstitutional and must end.  Mostly it didn’t.  In 1955 the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that integration should happen with “all deliberate speed.”  And yet when I entered high school in 1964 our school remained all white.  North Carolina, along with a number ofContinue reading “Freedom of Choice”

Learning to Drive

I grew up in the country and like many country kids I learned to drive a tractor long before I learned to drive a car.  In fact, I learned to drive my daddy’s tractor when I could just barely reach the brakes.  There wasn’t much to it really.  Changing gears on a tractor is relativelyContinue reading “Learning to Drive”

Paper Dolls

Cleaning out the attic I ran across a couple of tattered boxes containing my old paper dolls.  Inside I found my old friends – not as tattered as the boxes but definitely worn.  When I was a little girl I spent endless hours playing with these paper friends. In case you are unfamiliar with theContinue reading “Paper Dolls”

Of Mice and Mama

My mama was a small woman – just a little over 5 feet tall.  And prissy! Lord, that woman was prissy!  She wouldn’t leave the house without lipstick.  She believed in good manners and “acting like a lady” – hands in your lap (gloved if possible), knees together, and absolutely NO cursing.  She could giveContinue reading “Of Mice and Mama”


In my heart of hearts I believe we are all connected.  Unfortunately, my egoic mind, my persona if you will, often struggles with this concept.  Sometimes it needs a reminder.  And that is just what happened some years ago that resulted in the following writing – which I reflect on from time to time…..and shareContinue reading “Harmony”

The Tree House

My daddy built a tree house for my brother at the edge of the woods across the field from our house.  It was a sturdy platform wedged securely among a few young but tall hardwoods.  It had two walls but the rest was open to the surrounding woods.  A small, shallow creek gurgled softly nearby. Continue reading “The Tree House”

How Folks Say Stuff

I have long been intrigued by accents.  Who doesn’t enjoy the lilt of the Irish or the rich brogue of the Scottish folk?  The British sounds from posh Londoners to a jaunty Cockney are musical as well.  And then there are the Australians who have their own quirky way of speaking.  And what about theContinue reading “How Folks Say Stuff”

Picking Beans

I had a lot of chores when I was a kid but none that I truly hated more than picking beans.  First of all, if you know anything about North Carolina you know that the summers can be sweltering.  And if you don’t know anything about a summer in the Carolinas, know this:  Carolina summersContinue reading “Picking Beans”