Love Stories

Rob and Kady were just about the cutest couple I’d ever seen and, frankly, I envied their relationship – well, to be completely truthful I envied everything about them – at least in the beginning. Their life seemed idyllic.  Rob was movie star handsome and a truly sweet guy.  Kady was an enigma. She couldContinue reading “Love Stories”


I have always admired gloves – their style as well as their ability to keep hands warm, dry, clean and safe – whether for dress, weather, gardening, or cleaning the kitchen.  Gloves were a fashion accessory long before my time, of course; but in the 1950’s and 60’s they were definitely part of any woman’sContinue reading “Gloves”


My son was moving out.  Leaving home. And he was taking his two dogs with him. The thought struck me like a lightning bolt. My house would not have a dog in it. My husband and I had been married for over thirty-five years and we had never been without a dog in our livesContinue reading “Lollipop”

Joyful Song

I was standing on a wooden church pew beside my granddaddy singing to the top of my voice, “Bacon and eggs; bacon and eggs; for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but with bacon and eggs.”  I loved bacon and eggs and I loved my Grampa.   I was 4 years old andContinue reading “Joyful Song”


I heard about Sesshin from a Zen Buddhist monk that sends newsletters out to followers. Sesshin (pronounced se-sheen’) is a Buddhist Silent Retreat consisting of alternating sitting and walking meditations that basically last all day for a series of days (usually seven – although this one would only be from Friday – Monday totaling apxContinue reading “Sesshin”

Musings by a Fire

Written while on a silent retreat in January 2023: This morning I sat before a fire in a huge stone fireplace at St. Francis Springs.  I read bits and pieces of a book by Richard Rohr.  But often I sat gazing at the fire – being present with its hissing, spitting, and soft hum. IContinue reading “Musings by a Fire”


Recently I went on a Silent Retreat at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center. I had only ever been perfectly silent for 12 hours, which isn’t all that difficult. I was in the company of three other women.  Our plan was to be in complete silence for 48 hours. I didn’t know what to expect butContinue reading “Retreat”

Me Too

I was just over twenty-one, newly married, and living in Staunton, Virginia. In the original plan I was to have returned to college after the wedding but that didn’t happen. Instead, I went to work. My first job was at a Dunkin Donuts, which, for a variety of reasons, didn’t last long. I’ll just sayContinue reading “Me Too”


If I close my eyes I can still see Jane’s cute pixie face with its porcelain complexion, her thick, shiny auburn hair, and her sweet smile.  We were both RNs and we worked at a medical clinic.  When I first met her we were float nurses – meaning that we “floated” to whatever area ofContinue reading “Jane”

More or Less

Ya know how sometimes a tune comes into your head?  Snatches of a song, a poem, and sometimes something as ridiculous as a commercial?  And they play over and over?  Yeah. I’m fairly sure we all get them – those annoying “ear worms”.  Well, a couple of days ago one came into my head andContinue reading “More or Less”