Prior to my son Alex’s diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) he had great difficulty connecting with his peers socially.  For one thing, he did not understand slang expressions or idioms, which made casual conversation confusing and awkward.  Alex thinks in very concrete terms and expressions like “it’s raining cats and dogs” made absolutely noContinue reading “Quota”


Prelude:  Although this is a serious topic our experiences are not without humor.  So please know that as you read this it is completely okay to laugh. While living this was difficult for us in the moment being able to laugh in retrospect saved our sanity.  Laughter really is good medicine.  The Story:  Having aContinue reading “Understanding”

A Home for Children

I was young, single, in a dead end job, generally unhappy, and feeling useless.  So when somebody told me there were jobs available at a local Home for Children as a houseparent I thought that would be a rewarding job and an opportunity to go back to college.  I never made it back to collegeContinue reading “A Home for Children”

Good Boy

“My dog had puppies and they’re so cute.  Do you want one?”  I was in the sixth grade riding home on the bus, seated with my friend, Carolyn.  And, Boy! Did I want one?!?  You bet I did.  I would ask my mama the minute I got off that bus.  Mama frowned and shook herContinue reading “Good Boy”

Family Fun

Lots of families have activities they enjoy doing together.  For some it is card or board games; for others it might be hiking, sailing, or some other outdoor sport.  Like those other families my childhood family enjoyed being together, too.  Sometimes we played cards, board games, roller skated (Daddy just watched and cheered – noContinue reading “Family Fun”

Needles and Pins

You’d think I’d like to sew seeing as how all the women in my family liked to sew AND were good at it.  To my mother’s great disappointment I did not follow in their footsteps.  And let me tell you – they were some impressive footsteps.  My mother’s mother was legend.  The woman not onlyContinue reading “Needles and Pins”

Little River

If my mama had known that my little brother and I were playing so close to the river that ran by our house she would have had a hissy fit.  Not to mention the times we actually played IN the river.  And the time I walked across the dam would have given her heart failureContinue reading “Little River”

The Roman Rocket

My daddy grew up during the Great Depression.  There was precious little money for gifts at Christmas especially in a household of nine children.  They felt very lucky to find their stockings filled with candy and fruit on Christmas morning.  On occasion their dad would splurge on fireworks to celebrate the holiday season.  One particularContinue reading “The Roman Rocket”

Morphus Creek Bridge

I had ridden over Morphus Creek Bridge hundreds of times before I came to know that it was haunted.  I don’t know when I heard the story or who told it to me.  I imagine it was on a bus ride to or from school but I can’t be sure.  The first story involves aContinue reading “Morphus Creek Bridge”

About Time

I have a “thing” about clocks – a fascination, if you will.  I’m not sure what it is about them that I like so much.  I have given it some thought but there is no particular memory associated with them that would account for my attraction.  Over the years I have found myself irrationally drawnContinue reading “About Time”