I’ve personally known a couple of roosters in my time.  My first was a little banty rooster gifted to me by Mr. Raeford Driver – probably to win my affection or offer apology after making me mad as fire at church by calling me a “pretty little boy”.  I was 4 or 5 at theContinue reading “Roosters”


I began thinking about floors a few days ago. Lord! Don’t ask me why such stuff comes into my head.  It just does. And this is what came of that thinking. I’ll just start with the word: floor. A benign word, as words go.  Usually a noun and we most immediately think of it inContinue reading “Floors”


The first time I ever went camping I was nineteen years old. My parents had moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and soon thereafter joined the legions of locals who camped out regularly.  They purchased a cox camper – which is basically a tent on wheels – and became regulars. One of their favoriteContinue reading “Camping”


I recently celebrated another birthday and the day brought with it memories of other birthdays over the years. Growing up my brother and I were allowed to pick whatever cake we wanted for our special day.  Mama would ask us what kind of cake we wanted several days before the actual birthday so that sheContinue reading “Birthdays…”

July 4th!

My grampa, John Wesley Pearce, was born on July 4th, 1881. For many years the Pearce family gathered at my grandparent’s home on July 4th to celebrate his birthday.  When I was very young I thought the whole reason people set off fireworks was to celebrate my grampa’s birthday.  Later I learned that it justContinue reading “July 4th!”

Insurance Company

If you were thinking an insurance company wasn’t an exciting place to work you would be exactly right.  But as life would have it you can meet some interesting folks no matter where you happen to be.  And even in a place like that there were some folks who entertained me during the self-imposed imprisonmentContinue reading “Insurance Company”


In Second Grade I had two boys who liked me more than a little.  I was flattered and very much enjoyed their extra attention.  Otherwise, I had no idea what to do about this happy turn except to smile at them.  That seemed to be quite enough – at least in the beginning – butContinue reading “Boyfriends”


I was at the park watching a young girl swinging – leaning forward to face the wind and then leaning back her face to the sky – her hair flying in the wind and her face awash with pure bliss.  For a moment I was her – caught up in the sound of her laughterContinue reading “Swinging”

Driving with Autism

I had hoped that my son would learn to drive.  And then I hoped that he wouldn’t.  Either way, there were going to be consequences.  Not driving meant learning to use public transportation and certainly involved advance planning if public transportation was unavailable.  Not driving also meant considerable inconvenience for me as the parent.  AndContinue reading “Driving with Autism”


Prior to my son Alex’s diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) he had great difficulty connecting with his peers socially.  For one thing, he did not understand slang expressions or idioms, which made casual conversation confusing and awkward.  Alex thinks in very concrete terms and expressions like “it’s raining cats and dogs” made absolutely noContinue reading “Quota”


Prelude:  Although this is a serious topic our experiences are not without humor.  So please know that as you read this it is completely okay to laugh. While living this was difficult for us in the moment being able to laugh in retrospect saved our sanity.  Laughter really is good medicine.  The Story:  Having aContinue reading “Understanding”

Good Boy

“My dog had puppies and they’re so cute.  Do you want one?”  I was in the sixth grade riding home on the bus, seated with my friend, Carolyn.  And, Boy! Did I want one?!?  You bet I did.  I would ask my mama the minute I got off that bus.  Mama frowned and shook herContinue reading “Good Boy”

Family Fun

Lots of families have activities they enjoy doing together.  For some it is card or board games; for others it might be hiking, sailing, or some other outdoor sport.  Like those other families my childhood family enjoyed being together, too.  Sometimes we played cards, board games, roller skated (Daddy just watched and cheered – noContinue reading “Family Fun”

Needles and Pins

You’d think I’d like to sew seeing as how all the women in my family liked to sew AND were good at it.  To my mother’s great disappointment I did not follow in their footsteps.  And let me tell you – they were some impressive footsteps.  My mother’s mother was legend.  The woman not onlyContinue reading “Needles and Pins”

Little River

If my mama had known that my little brother and I were playing so close to the river that ran by our house she would have had a hissy fit.  Not to mention the times we actually played IN the river.  And the time I walked across the dam would have given her heart failureContinue reading “Little River”

The Roman Rocket

My daddy grew up during the Great Depression.  There was precious little money for gifts at Christmas especially in a household of nine children.  They felt very lucky to find their stockings filled with candy and fruit on Christmas morning.  On occasion their dad would splurge on fireworks to celebrate the holiday season.  One particularContinue reading “The Roman Rocket”

About Time

I have a “thing” about clocks – a fascination, if you will.  I’m not sure what it is about them that I like so much.  I have given it some thought but there is no particular memory associated with them that would account for my attraction.  Over the years I have found myself irrationally drawnContinue reading “About Time”

Lost Things

My favorite thing about lost things is clearly remembering thinking “I’m going to put this (the currently lost thing) right here (wherever in the world that was that you cannot now recall for love nor money) so I can find it next time (and right NOW is “next time”) I need it”.  Yep!  My favorite. Continue reading “Lost Things”

The Bicycle

I wanted a bicycle so bad and was too young to do anything about it except hope that I’d get one for Christmas.  I had learned there was no such thing as Santa Claus and so I understood the relationship between how much money your parents had or didn’t and what you might or mightContinue reading “The Bicycle”

The Cloud

Folks who know me know this: I am NOT tech savvy in the least!  What I do know amounts to being able to turn on my computer, check email, and googling stuff.  That’s about it.  The fact that I’m even doing this blog is nothing short of miraculous and would be impossible except for myContinue reading “The Cloud”


I was raised in a rural Southern Baptist Church when the only air conditioning in the summer were hand held fans with pictures of Jesus on one side and funeral parlor advertisements on the other.  There was plenty of hellfire and brimstone on Sunday mornings, Prayer Meetin’ on Thursday nights, and lots of hymns sungContinue reading “Homecoming”


For those of you too young or refined to know what an outhouse is let me explain.  Also referred to as a “johnnyhouse”, it is a small structure situated some distance from the house used to cover an earthen latrine and protect the user from the elements.  Typically it has one opening for one userContinue reading “Outhouse”


I have been thinking about gravity a lot recently.  Not in the way that a scientist would think about such a thing – just as an ordinary person who is affected by this phenomenon. I remember when I first heard about gravity.  I was a very little girl who asked a lot of questions everyContinue reading “Gravity”

Freedom of Choice

In 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school segregation was unconstitutional and must end.  Mostly it didn’t.  In 1955 the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that integration should happen with “all deliberate speed.”  And yet when I entered high school in 1964 our school remained all white.  North Carolina, along with a number ofContinue reading “Freedom of Choice”

Learning to Drive

I grew up in the country and like many country kids I learned to drive a tractor long before I learned to drive a car.  In fact, I learned to drive my daddy’s tractor when I could just barely reach the brakes.  There wasn’t much to it really.  Changing gears on a tractor is relativelyContinue reading “Learning to Drive”

Paper Dolls

Cleaning out the attic I ran across a couple of tattered boxes containing my old paper dolls.  Inside I found my old friends – not as tattered as the boxes but definitely worn.  When I was a little girl I spent endless hours playing with these paper friends. In case you are unfamiliar with theContinue reading “Paper Dolls”

Of Mice and Mama

My mama was a small woman – just a little over 5 feet tall.  And prissy! Lord, that woman was prissy!  She wouldn’t leave the house without lipstick.  She believed in good manners and “acting like a lady” – hands in your lap (gloved if possible), knees together, and absolutely NO cursing.  She could giveContinue reading “Of Mice and Mama”


In my heart of hearts I believe we are all connected.  Unfortunately, my egoic mind, my persona if you will, often struggles with this concept.  Sometimes it needs a reminder.  And that is just what happened some years ago that resulted in the following writing – which I reflect on from time to time…..and shareContinue reading “Harmony”

The Tree House

My daddy built a tree house for my brother at the edge of the woods across the field from our house.  It was a sturdy platform wedged securely among a few young but tall hardwoods.  It had two walls but the rest was open to the surrounding woods.  A small, shallow creek gurgled softly nearby. Continue reading “The Tree House”

Picking Beans

I had a lot of chores when I was a kid but none that I truly hated more than picking beans.  First of all, if you know anything about North Carolina you know that the summers can be sweltering.  And if you don’t know anything about a summer in the Carolinas, know this:  Carolina summersContinue reading “Picking Beans”


Once upon a time on Facebook I accepted “the Gratitude Challenge” (listing things you are grateful for every day for a certain number of days). I asked to be delivered from the obligatory list of all the usual things that most anyone would be grateful for including me – things I am grateful for on aContinue reading “Gratitude”

A Cat Named Clara

My family inherited a cat from a little old lady named Miss Barham when I was about 7 years old.  Miss Barham looked exactly like a gnarled old woman from one of my storybooks.  I suspected she might be a witch although not a bad witch.  Miss Barham had been renting our house in NorthContinue reading “A Cat Named Clara”

Ouija Wind

In 1970 my friends Vada, Debby, and I spent an evening with a Ouija board.  It felt exciting — a bit on the forbidden side of life.  I must admit that although I had always hoped for encounters with the supernatural or some real psychic power – the practical side of me doubted either wouldContinue reading “Ouija Wind”

That One Shoe

This wasn’t what I had planned to post today but something happened this week that got me going. So here goes. I was driving down Highway 96 South and right there smack in the middle of the road sat a shoe without a person in sight.  Now I don’t know about you but every singleContinue reading “That One Shoe”

Bird Dogs

My daddy loved dogs and he especially appreciated a good bird dog.  There is true beauty in watching dogs running over a field, sniffing out quail, standing point when they find their mark, and seeing other dogs in the pack honor the first point. Although I never went hunting with Daddy (because I didn’t likeContinue reading “Bird Dogs”

Sleeping on the Floor

I slept on a pallet of quilts on the floor with my 5-year-old grandson this past weekend.  My husband and I carefully laid down 6 old quilts that had once belonged to our ancestors – tediously but lovingly sewn by our mothers and/or grandmothers.  Perhaps, as they sewed, they even pictured their children and grandchildrenContinue reading “Sleeping on the Floor”

Coins and Reprieve

Having a school Annual was a big deal to me.  Not only did the Annual capture pictures of our classmates and the school year’s events but friends passed them to friends to write in – thoughts on whatever – events that had happened, looking ahead, good wishes, and the like.  They were a treasure –Continue reading “Coins and Reprieve”

Barnin’ Tobacco

Barnin’ tobacco is a tough, sweaty, exhausting job but the some of the most fun I’ve ever had.  Of course, I speak from the point of view of a barn worker.  Whatever tobacco farmers have to say on the subject I humbly acknowledge and totally respect.  And I’m also talking about how tobacco was croppedContinue reading “Barnin’ Tobacco”


My husband thinks I have too many shoes and I would agree that I have a considerable number.  But I’m certainly not the infamous Imelda Marcos!  In fact, I suspect that I have in the low range compared to the average woman. So let’s talk about Imelda for a minute.  It has been estimated thatContinue reading “Shoes”

Country Stores

It’s hard to find an old country store in operation these days. I see some old ones here and there, mostly boarded up, abandoned and run down.  I asked some folks on Facebook if they knew of any that were still open. I got all sorts of responses. Some folks suggested Cracker Barrel and IContinue reading “Country Stores”