Once upon a time on Facebook I accepted “the Gratitude Challenge” (listing things you are grateful for every day for a certain number of days). I asked to be delivered from the obligatory list of all the usual things that most anyone would be grateful for including me – things I am grateful for on aContinue reading “Gratitude”

A Cat Named Clara

My family inherited a cat from a little old lady named Miss Barham when I was about 7 years old.  Miss Barham looked exactly like a gnarled old woman from one of my storybooks.  I suspected she might be a witch although not a bad witch.  Miss Barham had been renting our house in NorthContinue reading “A Cat Named Clara”

Mr. Vance’s Pansies

In our house on Wolfe Street in Harrisonburg, Virginia (circa 1955) our next door neighbor was Mr. Vance.  He was a stocky, white-haired gentleman with a wide, pink face and broad smile.  He reminded me of Santa Claus without the beard.  He had lived in the same house for many years. He shared a sideContinue reading “Mr. Vance’s Pansies”

Ouija Wind

In 1970 my friends Vada, Debby, and I spent an evening with a Ouija board.  It felt exciting — a bit on the forbidden side of life.  I must admit that although I had always hoped for encounters with the supernatural or some real psychic power – the practical side of me doubted either wouldContinue reading “Ouija Wind”

That One Shoe

This wasn’t what I had planned to post today but something happened this week that got me going. So here goes. I was driving down Highway 96 South and right there smack in the middle of the road sat a shoe without a person in sight.  Now I don’t know about you but every singleContinue reading “That One Shoe”

Bird Dogs

My daddy loved dogs and he especially appreciated a good bird dog.  There is true beauty in watching dogs running over a field, sniffing out quail, standing point when they find their mark, and seeing other dogs in the pack honor the first point. Although I never went hunting with Daddy (because I didn’t likeContinue reading “Bird Dogs”

Sleeping on the Floor

I slept on a pallet of quilts on the floor with my 5-year-old grandson this past weekend.  My husband and I carefully laid down 6 old quilts that had once belonged to our ancestors – tediously but lovingly sewn by our mothers and/or grandmothers.  Perhaps, as they sewed, they even pictured their children and grandchildrenContinue reading “Sleeping on the Floor”

Coins and Reprieve

Having a school Annual was a big deal to me.  Not only did the Annual capture pictures of our classmates and the school year’s events but friends passed them to friends to write in – thoughts on whatever – events that had happened, looking ahead, good wishes, and the like.  They were a treasure –Continue reading “Coins and Reprieve”